Managed Hosting | KIO Networks


Stock Market Transactions at Super High Speed

Stock traders are able to achieve the highest standards in ultra low-latency operations, high security and high availability mission critical services thanks to KIO Networks’ cutting edge technologies.

KIO’s central stock market engine is equipped with the crucial elements required to enable ultra low-latency connections for direct access to the trade engine.


  • Data Centers working on a continuous 7x24x365 operation with real-time monitoring.
  • Interconnection to national and international financial networks.
  • Direct connectivity for ultra low latency (latency less than a tenth of a millisecond, InfiniBand technology and negotiation engine with parallel processing with no queued orders, available to all operators).
  • Mission critical services, high security and guaranteed continuity.
  • Data Centers are comprised of high density, security, Milicon grade Construction and interconnection at the highest speed.
  • 10 Gigabytes per second High Speed Networks, infinite capacity in the number of direct connections.

The new trading platform is 30,000 times faster than the previous one, ensuring execution times to be lower than a millisecond.