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Managed Hosting


KIO Networks offers Managed Hosting service with multi-carrier redundant Internet, managed networks that are balanced with the latest technology. All these features managed by certified professionals.

This service is provided at KIO Networks’ Data Centers, connected to a powerful, global IP network, that offers a robust, reliable and highly secure infrastructure.

Managed Hosting includes the following:
-Isolated environment via a rack or cage perimeter.
- Hosted Solutions with different hardware and software platforms.
- Colocation in KIO Networks’ mission-critical, highly available Data Centers featuring biometric access, iris scanner, and facial recognition to ensure total privacy and security.
- Comprehensive Hosting offers a solid and robust, world-class, highly available infrastructure that allows for cost optimization by leveraging economies of scale handled by KIO Networks.

- Variable costs.
- Creating a flexible, on demand way of acquiring complete technology solutions.
- You may defer payments and infrastructure expenses to reduce the total cost of operation and management of your business solutions. This allows you to avoid surprising and uncontrolled costs of operating your business solutions.
- Avoid making independent negotiations and agreements with hardware, software and application suppliers, taking advantage of KIO Network’ agreements with technology leaders, reducing the risks of integrating solutions.
- Automate your technology operations and gain control over the overall performance of the services.
- Pay complete solutions based on consumption.