KIO Cloud Services

KIO Cloud Services is your ticket to the Cloud and your pass-through to the digital transformation of your business.

We will solve the different challenges that involve the deployment of Cloud solutions in its various stages, in the meantime you can concentrate in your business's principal strategy.

It is an integral and strategic solution with an agile implementation that satisfies the needs of each market segment with private, public and hybrid Clouds of high performance and scalable configurations.

KIO Networks Clouds include security, data protection and monitoring of the resources of computer. We have diverse Cloud technologies: Microsoft, Azure,  OpenStack from Red Hat and Canonical, VMware and Oracle.

KIO Cloud Services offers you:

Implementation and administration
You will obtain the major benefit on the deployment models of Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

You will have a technological partner who will help you set and manage the Clouds most suitable to satisfy your business needs.

We have suppliers of Public Cloud like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as guarantee. We also offer private Cloud based on OpenStack, Microsoft Azure and VMWare.

Certified professionals that will help you evaluate, migrate, deploy, operate and continuously improve the procedures of your business in the Cloud.

High availability
99.99% availability in the best data centers in Latin America.

Our architecture uses world class logic Security elements and practices to protect your data and business.

With KIO Cloud Services you will have estrategic, reliable, scalable and agile implementation solutions, everything needed to get to the Cloud and stay there.