Antispam Policy | KIO Networks

KIO Networks does not tolerate the transmission of spam. We monitor all traffic to and from our Web servers for indications of spamming and we maintain a Spam Abuse Center to record such incidents. Customers suspected of using KIO Networks’ products and services to send spam are fully investigated. Once KIO Networks determines that there are problems with spam, the company will take the appropriate measures to resolve the situation.


We define spam as the act of sending unwanted advertising e-mails, unwanted e-mail volumes or unsolicited duplicate e-mails, or any duplicate sent to recipients as advertisements in any form, without first obtaining sending consent, previously confirmed by the receiver to obtain these communications from the sender. This may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • E-mail messages.
  • Postings on newsgroups.
  • Windows System Messages
  • “Spyware” (messages “aka” or “adware”) pop-up messages.
  • Instant messaging (using AOL, MSN, Yahoo or other instant messaging programs).
  • Ads in Online Chats.
  • Postings on a registry or website forum.
  • Requests for e-mail duplication.


We will not allow our servers and services to be used for the above purposes. In order to use our products and services, you should not only follow all applicable laws and regulations, including the CAN-SPAM ACT-2003 and the act of protecting telephone consumers, you must also respect and follow KIO Networks spam policies.

Commercial advertising announced and / or volume emails can be sent only to recipients who have specifically agreed to receive messages from the sender. They must include a legitimate return address, a reply-to address, the sender’s physical address and an opt-out method in the footer of the email. At the request of KIO Networks on conclusive proof of an opt-in method, an e-mail address may be required.


If KIO Networks determines that the services in question are being used in the first instance in association with spam, KIO Networks will redirect, suspend, and / or cancel any web site hosting, domain registration, mailboxes or other e-mail services applicable for a period of at least 2 days. The registered user or the customer is obligated to respond via email to KIO Networks indicating that they will no longer send spam and / or have spam sent on their behalf. KIO Networks will require a reactivation of service payment for $ 1,200 USD (non-refundable) to reactivate their Mail service.
 Should KIO Networks determine that the abuse has not stopped after services have been restored the first time, KIO Networks may terminate the hosting and e-mail services associated with the domain name in question.

To report Spam abuse: We encourage all customers and recipients of email generated from our products and services to inform and report on suspected spam.