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Sixsigma Networks Mexico Privacy Notice.

SixSigma Networks Mexico SA de CV (KIO), aligning with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, respects the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, candidates and service providers, and we are aware of your rights regarding the collection of personal information about you. KIO supports all laws regarding privacy and personal data protection, both local and national, and has deployed the necessary mechanisms for the enforcement of such laws.

The following information discloses our privacy principles and procedures used for the collection, storage and use of your personal data. Please read this information so you can understand and accept the way to obtain, use and share data entrusted to us. We can only meet your labor or personal requirements if you provide us with enough personal information.

Our commitment to confidentiality.

KIO is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal information belonging to our clients, and some service providers and candidates. KIO’s privacy policy reflects these principles and also meets the requirements for confidentiality of the countries in which we operate.

What personal information do we collect?

KIO will use information and personal data, including, but not limited to, your name, email, phone, address, financial information, and all sorts of economic data for purposes of carrying out any job related to the working functions of some of our service providers, or in the case of customers and suppliers in order to carry out the provision of any services required.

KIO’s objective regarding collecting personal information is to provide a service as personalized as possible. The more we know about you, KIO will be able to offer you better services.

In general, personal information is requested when you get in touch with one of our service providers to seek for employment, a candidate to fill a job. We ask the candidates who will be assigned to KIO for their name, address and other personal information, such as work experience, training and skills in the process of hiring a worker who may be assigned to provide services to professionals.

The amount of personal information requested will only be linked with the amount of data needed to provide services to our customers.

We will also use your contact information to send you email messages about our company or job offers from some of our suppliers that match your profile. These direct messages will only be sent by KIO (or those service providers who work for KIO).

Preservation of personal data: Personal data you provide will be retained or destroyed according to the needs of the company and / or as required by local laws or when requested by the holder thereof.

Who we share this information with: KIO’s service providers and suppliers are directly responsible in maintaining the confidence that candidates grant for some services, current service providers and the one that customers place in us. Periodically, we check for compliance with our privacy and security policies. KIO does not trade or sell personal data to third parties. We will disclose personal information only under court order.

To provide our services, the personal data you provide may be shared with KIO’s customers and suppliers governed under the same principles and practices of confidentiality. Because of the global scope of our business, this data can also be transferred, stored and treated in any other country in which KIO or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries are installed.

We also send your personal data to marketing companies who will contact you to review and assess their level of satisfaction with our services. These companies may also send you information about our services.

These agents and suppliers receive only the personal information needed to provide the service that was been requested.

KIO will also collect and issue demographic reports (for example, what percentage of our suppliers and / or service providers are college graduates) to customers, marketing companies, or if requested by court. If we collect and elaborate this demographic information, we will delete any personally identifiable information (names, addresses, etc.) that may relate to you. This anonymous information is used and analyzed in a comprehensive manner to help us understand trends and, more specifically, to find out how we can improve the services we provide.

KIO offers its customers, candidates and service providers the opportunity to receive notices from us as a utilization of the information that goes beyond the purpose for which it was supplied and transfer this data to third parties. KIO receives consent to disclose any information deemed sensitive.

The amount of personal information you will be prompted relates only to the data we need to fulfill the purposes described.

You can use email to ask for disposal, access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the use of personal data in our mailing and marketing lists. (See further section on How to contact us).

Sensitive data: During the recruitment process, KIO can request information deemed “sensitive” such as information to healthcare insurance. This data collection is subject to the provisions of the legislation and is of great importance to the interests of service providers. During the collection of information, sensitive data will be stored, and in some cases, will be unveiled to third parties, such as payroll processing companies, insurers, government agencies, as required by the law. KIO will take all reasonable security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information that is obtained, stored and used.

Precision and access

KIO will take all necessary measures to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and current. KIO will provide access to holders of this information for review and modification.

KIO will do its part to maintain the accuracy of your identifying data. You will have the opportunity to access the information you have provided for your review and modification. Access to personal data or update is free.


KIO ensures the safety of personal information entrusted to its clients, candidates for service providers and service providers assigned to KIO by any of its suppliers. We protect this personal information through various security practices and measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, destruction, or disclosure. In accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

KIO protects the security of personal information that is provided. This information can be stored using manual or electronic systems with limited access, in order to protect it against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Our privacy principles represent our commitment to ensure that your personal information is safe and under good shelter. If you believe that KIO has not adhered to these principles and practices, please contact us and we will start working diligently to locate and fix the problem promptly. KIO is committed to working with the authorities responsible for data protection. Under the terms of Federal Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

By accepting the terms and conditions established by this privacy notice is considered given explicit consent to KIO, to make use of management processing and transfer of personal data for the purposes described. Complying with all the terms of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.