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What is an IXP?

An IXP or Internet Exchange Point is a physical infrastructure through which companies exchange traffic between their networks. KONECT (KIO Open Network Ecosystem) allows the exchange of Internet traffic between those who are connected to it, with better response times during information transfer, with a much more robust infrastructure and better technical quality that we have been previously using.


KONECT is a strategic convergence point for Internet data networks, which aims to shorten its course and facilitate information exchange.
- Information does not have to leave the country if unnecessary.
- Optimizes reduces latency between connections.
- Improves the internet network ecosystem in Mexico.
- Enriches the technological infrastructure ecosystem in the country.
- Improves the quality of Internet traffic.
- Promotes a healthy competition among telecom operators.
- Attracts more foreign investment.

- Reduce the digital gap by making Internet more accessible for more people.

- Foster the development of online national content.



Who is KONECT designed for?

  • ISP – Internet Service Providers - allows small cable companies to offer Internet services.
  • CDNs -  Content Delivery Networks -- suppliers of online content such as music, movies, encyclopedias, photographs, magazines, books, applications, software, videos, video calls, video conferencing, IP telephony, TV, GPS, instant messaging, e-Commerce, etc.
  • Government entities that require to keep their data within the country.
  • Large companies with very high Internet transaction levels